Hubel Agrícola was founded by Conceição Family, owner of the Hubel Group, which embraces in its perimeter companies specialized in the supply of engineering equipment and services, solutions for the use and management of water, as well as the agricultural and to provide agronomic engineering services.

The Group, based in Olhão, was created in 1982, originally dedicated to providing solutions for the water industry. Since then, it has expanded to the areas of nutrition, irrigation and agricultural production, having initially focused on meloa and tomato crops. It should be noted that the Hubel Group pioneered the use of hydroponic cultivation methods in Portugal when it was introduced in 1992.

In 1996, in association with other farmers, the Hubel Group created Madre Fruta, an Organization of Producers whose main purpose is to sell and sell the production of its various associates. Nowadays, Madre Fruta brings together most of the producers of red fruits (raspberry, strawberry and blackberry) from the Algarve region.

In 2002, Hubel Agrícola began its cooperation with Driscoll's, the world leader in red fruit distribution. Driven by this partnership, Hubel Agrícola increased its growing area to 13.1 Hectares by the year 2011.

A year later, following the challenge launched by Driscoll's, Hubel Agrícola decided to increase production capacity from 13.1 to 49 Hectares. Considering the requirements of this investment, the Teixeira da Conceição Family understood that this new phase of the business would benefit from the entry of a partner able to contribute capital and reinforce management skills to respond to new challenges.

In this context, Hubel Agrícola SGPS, SA, whose shareholder structure was composed of the VentIS Capital Investments I (VSI-I) and the Hubel Agricola Group, was formed in December 2012,

Vallis Sustainable Investments I is a Venture Capital Fund which, under the theme "People, Planet, Profit", invests in Iberian companies with high growth potential whose long term demand vectors are strongly correlated with sustainability, generating value for investors while contributing to a sustainable world.

Vallis Capital Partners, a shareholder in the VSI-I fund management company, is the first and only Private Equity company in Portugal to be a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and is truly committed to the issues of Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance.

In 2015 the Hubel Agrícola expansion project was completed. Considering the 36 hectares of new greenhouses, Hubel Agrícola currently has a total area of 49 hectares destined to the production of high quality raspberry, distributed among 5 farms in the counties of Olhão, Faro and Tavira.