Established in 1996, Madre Fruta [O.P.] originated from the need to work together with local horticultural producers to overcome constraints and satisfy commercial requirements resulting from an open and borderless market.

From an early stage, the strategy was to concentrate and adapt production to demand, associated with the provision of qualified technical services, aiming at the continuous improvement of product quality and the implementation of environmentally friendly techniques.

In order to increase the profitability of its partners, Madre Fruta is investing more and more in the research and development of innovative production techniques.

Currently, Madre Fruta presents economic and financial stability, a consolidation and cohesion of its producing members, and a regular relationship with its main partners.

The feeling of cooperation and unity, coupled with the high income team that integrates the staff of Madre Fruta, allows a diversification of the service offered to the producer, so that the focus of this is its own profitability and excellence in production.

For Mother Fruta, the slogan today is sustainability, whether economic, social or environmental, because only in this way will it bring a competitive advantage to its members, and development for the Algarve Region.

In the small red fruit sector, Mother Fruit has Driscoll's as partner, which has allowed the sustained development of the business

Madre Fruta currently has 43 Producing Partners.

For the campaigns of the year 2017 will have a total of 120 Hectares of Production:
- 134 Hectares of Raspberry;
- 8 Hectares of Strawberry;